Why Online Events?

An online event is just one of many ways of communicating your message. So why is an online event strategy more efficient and effective than many traditional marketing strategies?

The one-time cost of an online event can yield virtually unlimited returns. Learn more. When you offer an archived recording of your live Webinar, an infinite number of prospects can search for and access your presentation, returning for repeat viewings as often as they like and easily sharing your content with fellow decision-makers.

Superior audience-building
Webinars enable users to search for and access content related to their topic of interest. Learn more. This self-selection ensures that prospects who participate in your online event have demonstrated an interest in your message.

Rich data-capture and lead-scoring capability
Whether signing up for a live Webinar or accessing an on-demand Webcast, online events require users to register. Learn more. Registration forms can be customized to capture your specific points of interest, including company name, contact name, email address, title, company size, industry or custom criteria. Sales teams access participant data before, during and after the event to score lead and follow up with the hottest prospects, instead of wasting time on unqualified leads.

Engage prospects before, during and after
Online events are often supported by email marketing that engages prospects before, during and after the event. Learn more. An attention-getting event invitation develops interest in your presentation topic and builds awareness of your company. A timely event reminder prepares participants for the event content and builds trust in your industry expertise. A post-event survey demonstrates interest in participants’ ideas and insight. These and other email marketing strategies complement and dramatically extend the impact of Webinars and Webcasts.

Build virtual rapport
Online events play to the strengths of presenters who excel at one-on-one client interaction as well as those who are less comfortable with in-person presentations. Learn more. Webinars give presenters who would normally prefer to meet with every potential client individually the ability to share information, engage in dialogue and build relationships with hundreds of prospects simultaneously. Presenters who struggle with in-person presentations can emphasize an engaging and informative slide show, a well-written script or insightful case studies to develop participants’ trust and confidence.

Increased audience interaction and insight
Before an online event, marketers can access participant data to enable the presenter to better understand their audience and refine their messaging. Learn more. During a live Webinar, the moderator can invite participants to submit a question or vote in a poll, allowing the presenter to gain additional insight into their specific interests. After the Webcast, marketers can invite participants to complete a survey to assess their product interest and purchase readiness.

Dramatically extended reach
By providing an archived recording of your live Webinar, an unlimited number of prospects can search for and access your message and subject-matter expert at any time of day or night. Learn more. An archived Webcast recording also lets participants return for repeat viewings as often as they like, and easily share your content with fellow decision-makers.

Communication aligned with sales cycle
Online events can showcase any topic. Learn more.  This allows your Webinar to support increased brand awareness within a new audience, promote your thought leadership amongst purchase decision-makers, launch a new product to existing customers or deliver virtually any message to any audience at any point in the sales cycle.

Ability to measure audience attention
Online event reports capture who participated in what events, which content they engaged with and for how long. Learn more. This information can be used to assess which messages resonated most strongly with target audiences, and which messages require refinement.

Portability and share-ability
Live Webinars and archived Webcasts can be placed on your Web site, and shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools.